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10 Backpacking Tips for Beginner Mountaineers

backpacking across europe

If you are thinking about climbing a mountain and adding a little bit of adventure to your daily life, you need to make sure you are ready, so that nothing can surprise you and find you unprepared when you actually climb a mountain. If you are a beginner, take your time to read all the useful advice, since it will come handy.

With all those information around you, you may feel overwhelmed, but don’t worry.  Here are 10 ultimate backpacking tips from the mountanairs with plenty of experience under their belt that will help you understand the process of preparation better.hostel backpackers

However, keep in mind your own personal desires and needs. Every backpack is unique and reflects the personality of the owner.

  1. Bring only absolute necessities with you

Good backpack and its content are worth its weight in gold, since you will dependent on it once you are up there. There will be no stores where you can buy the things you need, but you cannot take everything neither.

You must pack just the things you might need and keep in mind the weight of the backpack, since you must be able to carry it the whole time. The main things you need to have on you or in your backpack are: clothes, boots, food, medicines and quality camping gear.

Sort everything out, pack wisely and think about all the situations that you may find yourself in. Better to bring it back home without using it, than to need something and don’t have it.

  1. Pick a trail

Depending on your physical condition, choose a trail accordingly. Perhaps you should start slowly and in time switch to more complicated ones. You can start by going on a one day hiking trip just so get your body used to this kind of effort.

You may even go first time just for couple of hours and then prolong the time spent in hiking. The available time is also an important element. If you just have one day off, then you cannot go far, but if you have ten days all for yourself then that is a completely different story.  Whenever you go, it is important to have short breaks often, so you can avoid muscle sore.

  1. Choose your clothes wisely

Clothes should be completely adjusted to the weather conditions and you must be aware that nights in the mountain get cold in case you are planning to go on a longer route.The main tip from the experienced mauntanairs is that you dress in layers. Three layers to be exact.

The first one is called the base layer and it is important since it does not retain sweat, which is important for keeping you dry. The second layer should keep you warm and the third one should protect you from the snow, rain and wind. You must always have one set of dry clothes in case you get wet.

A good and warm cap will protect your head from the cold and preserve your body heat. Also, it is wise to have two pair of thin gloves that won’t sacrifice your dexterity, but will keep you warm and protect your skin from insects.

  1. Invest money in quality boots

There are various kinds of boots and the type you should buy depends on the weather. If you plan to go when it’s snowing, there is couple of things to pay attention to. Boots should absolutely be waterproof – lower part should be made of rubber and the upper one from leather.

Good, quality boots that can keep you warm should have 400 grams insulation at least, so you can be warm even on temperatures below zero. Additionally, they should be adaptable to snow shoe and crampon.

  1. Make sure you have enough food

When it comes to food, you must have in mind the amount of time you will spend in the mountain at take a little bit more than that. You never know what kind of unpredictable situation can happen, so it is always better to have additional meals.

Food should be rich in protein and be ready to eat. Pack protein bars, tuna, dried fruits and veggies, nuts, seeds, coffee and most importantly – water. You must stay hydrated, so water is pretty essential and necessary for any hiking. Take small meals at a time, so your body recovers in order to continue and not get sleepy.

  1. Always bring first aid supplies with you

You must always have medications in your backpack in case you get ill, the gauze and bandages as well, alcohol tissues, povidone iodine for disinfection, antibiotic ointment, eye drops and personal medications in case you are using them.

All these things are an absolute necessity, because in case you fall and get injured, it must be disinfected and protected until you go to the doctor’s.

  1. Gear essentials

The first thing you need to have with you is navigation and compass. Even if you have someone experienced to go with you, these things take little space in your backpack, but they can literally save your head. Don’t go hiking without a flashlight or a headlight if you prefer to have your hands free.

Also, bring some extra batteries with you. Sunscreen and sunglasses will protect your skin and eyes, since watching snow all day can take its toll on your eyes.

A good knife is an absolute necessity. Also, pack matches since you will probably want to light a fire at some point. Prepare a tent as well, in case you need a shelter quickly and if you plan to spend the night. If you are a beginner, don’t forget to practice at home.

You don’t want to find yourself in a situation that you need to set up your tent urgently and you don’t know how. A good sleeping bag will keep you warm during the night, so you can recover and continue hiking the day after.

People with knee problems use walking sticks which make climbing easier, but it can be of great help even if you don’t have a knee problem. There are different kinds, but choose a lightweight one and possibly the one that can be folded so you can put in in your backpack. It will also make going down easier if it’s too steep.

  1. Team up

Never go in the mountain alone. Make sure you inform your family and friends that you are going hiking and always go with at least one friend with you. Mountain hiking is not for loners. The more people go the better. Besides being safer to go in a group, it will also be more fun.

Your expedition is not just about hiking; it is also about creating some nice memories. You must have someone to lean on in case of emergencies and at the end – two heads are smarter than one. Keep in mind not to touch any unknown plants.

Some may be poisonous. Also, inform yourself about the animals that may be living in the area, so you can take precautionary measures. Perhaps you may want to take a spray against bears or snakes, since you may encounter some on your way.

In case you would like to spend a day alone with your thoughts, you may want to choose the trails that are closer to a hotel, motel or an inn. This way, you can stop by and ask for directions, help, advice, food or anything else you may need.

  1. Bring a quality camera with you

If you are a photography fan, you will probably want to come back with nice pictures to show to your friends. Take an extra battery with you, so it doesn’t let you down when you see some amazing sight, like a sunset or some memorable moment with your friends. Be careful and take pictures only when you are in a safe place, so you don’t slip and lose it or hurt yourself.

  1. Leave the nature intact

During your hiking trip, you will be eating and using all kinds of things, but is it absolutely necessary to have in mind not to leave anything behind. Packaging needs a long time to decompose, so put in a little extra effort to clean after you.

Whatever you take with you on the mountain, take it back home. Try your best not to leave anything in order to preserve natural beauty. Also, it is recommended that you stay on the trail so that the animals don’t feel threatened.

If you follow these tips, you will certainly be on the right track as far as preparation goes. Create a checklist before you go and make sure that you pack everything.

This is a great way to avoid forgetting some essentials. The hiking trip you organize may be the best time in your life, so prepare everything in order to enjoy this experience to the fullest. Take all precautions you can, organize well and pleasure is guaranteed.

What to Take Along During Long Distance Walks

Long Distance Walk

If you are a beginner at hiking or taking long distance walks, the main thing is to have a well-equipped backpack. It is the essential thing you cannot start your journey without.

What you will put inside is completely up to you, but some things are universal. Here is advice from experienced adventurers that will help you get the most out of your walk.

Clothes and boots

wainwright walksMake sure you have adequate clothes according to the weather. Always pack one clean set of clothes so you can change if you get sweaty. You don’t want to catch a cold. Experienced hikers recommend a tree layer system.

The first layer should always be underwear that sends the sweat away from the body and does not retain it. It is also called the base layer and it is essential in keeping your skin dry.

The second layer is usually a fleece material that keeps a body warm and transports the moisture to the third layer. The final layer keeps the body protected from wind, snow, and rain.

A raincoat is also a good idea in case the rain starts pouring down and you don’t have a place to hide. It will protect you from getting wet, but also your equipment. In case you always have your camera with you to document the wonderful things you see, it will stay completely dry under it.

Quality boots are an absolute must when it comes to long distance walks. Protect your feet and invest a little extra money, you will be glad you did. Imagine walking with blisters. Not so good image, right? Besides, the goal is to enjoy the sight and not be concerned about pain.

Hiking socks are a smart investment. They will help you to be comfortable, keep your feet dry and at the same time – protect your feet from friction. If you are a beginner, you are probably not used to spending all day in boots, so any additional protection is welcome.


You might think that you can buy food anywhere, so you don’t have to burden your back with it, but take my word for it – you need to pack some with you.

There will be parts of your route without stores, supermarkets or even houses for that matter. Here are few recommendations, but of course, it will depend on your preferences:

  1. Muesli
  2. Dried fruit
  3. Bread
  4. Canned meals
  5. Water
  6. Coffee
  7. High protein bars
  8. Tuna
  9. Sugar
  10. Powdered milk

All these things don’t require big preparation and are available right away. You can never know when you’ll get hungry.

High protein bar and a strong coffee will help you get your strength and focus back necessary to keep going. Eat small portions often and don’t worry about the calories. During this physically challenging period, it is better to eat more than usual.

Clean water is hard to find in some areas, so it is important to always have some with you. Remember to fill your bottle whenever you get the chance and you are sure that it is safe for drinking. Keep yourself hydrated, don’t wait to get thirsty.

Camping equipment

long distance hiking trailsBefore you start packing you camping equipment, think about it and pack it only if you absolutely need it. Your back will be grateful for every item you remove from it.

On the other hand, if you want to fully enjoy the nature during your walk, you may want to pack a tent, so you can rest during the night. You will also need:

  • Sleeping bag – Synthetic sleeping bag dries faster, it is warmer and it is hypoallergenic.
  • A small pillow – It will keep your head in the right position so you can rest well and proceed with your journey energized.
  • Knife – Handy in all kinds of situations.
  • Matches – Light a fire easily. They cannot have a malfunction like lighters.
  • Flashlight – If you find yourself in a wood, it will truly help you find a nice place to spend the night.
  • Compass – It will get you right on track in case you get lost.

These things are absolutely necessary. What is a camping without a nice fire? With a nice, quality knife you will easily cut off small branches that will light up fast. Make your experience memorable.


Before you start your journey you may not want to think about less pleasant things along the way, but better safe than sorry.

Take a first aid kit with you and pack medications that may come handy: something for pain relief, broad antibiotic and bandaids.

You will avoid muscle sore if you stretch often and never go to sleep without few exercises. Eating chocolate will help you recover since sugar is essential because of the energy it releases.

Other necessities

Besides all the things mentioned, you need to pack your documents so you can always have them with you. Pack them in a safe inner pocket of your backpack.

Always have some cash in case you are far away from the city and no one accepts a credit card. Don’t forget a cell phone charger. Charge your phone every time you get the chance since you never know when you’ll need it.

Sun protection cream will not take too much space but will mean the world. Even though the weather is cold, protect your skin. You don’t want to get sunburned but go back home with a nice suntan.

Make sure you take pictures whenever you have the time, it will make your journey eternal. You will always have pictures to remember the wonderful things you have experienced. At the end of the journey, you will probably forget lots of things, but nice pictures will help you remember and enjoy those times once again in your mind.

At the end, don’t forget a smile. You are starting your big adventure! Make sure you enjoy it to the fullest.

Benefits of Group Walking

Benefit of Walking for Health

We all know the benefits of walking. This should always form part of your exercise regimen, as it keeps you active and allows you to achieve your fitness goals. Taking long walks again can be quite fulfilling, but what about walking in a group? Whether you are walking to improve your health, or for pleasure, group walking is highly beneficial.

You might be thinking that your daily dose of exercise is more than enough. However, you can never underestimate the power of group support. They will not only help you stick to your weight loss and fitness goals, but also provide a therapeutic element at the same time.

If you get a buzz from taking walks, your pleasure will be doubled when you get to share your experience with like minded companions. In today’s post, we are going to delve into the group walking world, and share some of its benefits with you.

Enhances Good Health

Walking is generally good for your health. However, recent studies have shown that group walking has the ability to enhance both your mental and physical being. People walking in groups registered a higher improvement in body fat, Body Mass Index (BMI), blood pressure and lung functions.


We are social beings. As such, we need to be able to socialize every chance we get. Group walking will allow you to meet new people, and form new friendships with people you may otherwise not have met before in your normal life. It broadens your horizons and lets you see the world in another perspective.

Socializing also builds a strong sense of community, with the members willingly supporting each other all the way.

Boosts Morale and Confidence

Waking in Group HealthAre you a newbie walker who would like to advance to become a seasoned hiker? Being part of a group will give you the morale boost and the confidence you need.

Even during those times your body wants to quit, there will be people around you to keep encouraging not to quit.

The group will also help you overcome your demons. You will find yourself tackling walks that you had avoided before, or areas you would not have stepped into on your own. Conquering your fears increases your self-confidence, and instills a belief that you can also face any other subsequent challenges with ease.

Walking For Long Distances

Most of us are quick to underestimate our walking capabilities. You think that you can only walk for a couple of miles and nothing further than that. This is because you tend to focus more on the mileage you cover.

Group walking will help you achieve longer milestones. Reason being, you will find yourself walking over longer distances without even noticing it.

It’s much easier when you are walking in the company of other people. As you walk, even as a group, it ceases to be about the people around you.  It becomes more about the pleasure you derive from being outdoors in the fresh air.

When walking with an organized group, you are surrounded by people of the same ability. Thus, you only tackle the distances suited for your specific level of fitness. With time, you can advance to higher levels, and tackle even more difficult terrains.


Do you love walking very early in the morning or late at night? Walking as a group ensures that you have people around you, who can help in case of danger. You get to enjoy your walks more, if you know that you are secure. This is especially when trekking on challenging or unfamiliar terrain.

Moreover, group walking is extremely beneficial for those who get nervous when walking alone. You will always be around people, talking and sharing along the way.

Sharing the Views

If you like sharing breath taking views with other people, then you will definitely enjoy group walking. Why? It allows you to share the outdoors experience with other people.

Fancy a pic or two? Having people around you during your walks will help you achieve this, since there is always someone around to take a few pictures. You can look at them years down the lie, and reminisce on the good times.

Learning Essential Skills

When you are out walking with other people, you get to learn a lot. Each member of the group usually has something that can benefit the rest. This may be navigation skills, map reading or other essential outdoor skills. You can highly benefit from being around other knowledgeable people.

If you are among experienced walkers, they might be able to offer you useful advice and tips that you can utilize to be better. You also get to learn about where to buy any walking gear you may need, mostly at affordable rates.

If you are a newbie, you are able to learn from more experienced members, as you gain an understanding of all the skills required.

You get to know that you are not alone, and there are other inexperienced people, just like you. This allows you to develop your own experience at a much faster rate than people walking alone.

Allows You Voice Your Agenda

If you find yourself being empathetic towards specific areas of the environment, you can find a walking group with similar interests. This will allow your voice to be heard, as the people around you are also sympathetic to the same cause.

Moreover, you get an opportunity to create campaigns for the protection of areas you are passionate about, such as natural landscapes and parks. This would not be easily achieved if you are all alone.

Visiting Different Locations

Being in a walking group will allow you to venture out into new walking areas, which you would not have visited before on your own. You get to experience something new and different from what you are used to.

Wrapping Up

If you love walking, why not invite other people along? It’s about time you grabbed a couple of friends or joined a walking group in your neighborhood.

You will not only get a mental boost, but group walking will also help you achieve your fitness goals as you connect with other people.  Check out our shop here.

We would love to hear your thoughts about group walking. Feel free to share in the comment section below.

Rock Climbing Apparel – What You Need to Look for in a Quality Rock Climbing Apparel

backpacking across europe

This previous summer season I had actually considered taking part in an entirely different outdoor pastime, I end up choosing outdoor climbing or rock climbing as the majority of people may call it.

I presumed that as a brand-new climber I’d need a climbing up harness for safe security and convenience, but the unfortunate thing was I had no idea where to start or try to find the very best quality climbing up equipment.


Quality Rock Climbing Apparel

Most outdoor garments websites type of simply toss details about a specific item at you when you have no understanding about the topic, throughout my search on the web I discovered a specific website that was brand-new and broke down info for me on rock climbing up harnesses.

This was very handy for me and this website conserved me valuable time, so for those of you who take part in outdoor climbing or indoor climbing and you’re brand-new to the severe sport, I’m going to inform you what to search for in a great helpful rock climbing up clothing website.


Ways to try to find a rock climbing up garments website that’s practical and offers you quality details.


  • Look for a website that supplies you on approximately date analysis and assists you find the very best deals on the leading climbing up equipment.


  • The website ought to offer the most recent evaluations and posts weekly referring to rock climbing up equipment in addition to other devices.


  • Make sure that the website is easy, flexible, and simple to deal with so you can get the details you need straight.


  • If possible find a website that supplies you a regular monthly newsletter, that way you will get the most recent information on rock climbing up equipment and outdoor garments and footwears alike.


  • Last but not least always make certain that the website has a contact page, that way if you have any concerns they can help you out, which once again conserves you important time.


The climbing market is growing, people are getting more included with the sport and I need to confess your adrenaline does begin to pump when you climb up those very extreme paths for the very first time.

At one time the significant outdoor clothing websites were the only ones that might supply you with quality info on devices, today there are different blog site and evaluation websites that can help you out with all sorts of concerns and offer you quality details.

This is fantastic for everybody that takes part in rock climbing because you get the info that you need right now, I hope this was useful and I hope that you find what you’re searching for.

Merrell Shoes Are Just Perfect For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Benefit of Walking for Health

The question is always whether we can go through the long strolls without feeling ill. Our traveling sac has lots of essential products but the primary thing that we need is an excellent set of shoes. Our outdoor shoes need to meet specific requirements.

These are as follows:

Merrell Shoes Are Perfect

1) The convenience level ought to be very high; you ought to never ever feel tired out in these shoes.

2) They ought to be very resilient to withstand the rough spots throughout outdoor activities.

3) The cushioning needs to be soft and thick to make you feel comfy and safeguard your soles.

4) They must be quickly offered online so that before you begin your activity it needs to be much easier for you to purchase.

When I desired a set of fantastic outdoor shoes, I browsed the web and looked for the shoe sites spread occasionally. Amongst the leading brand names, Merrell Shoes I found rather persuading.

Generally today outdoor activities have actually rather widened in their method and for that reason there are sophisticated needs for adrenalin lovers. Thinking about all these things is compulsory while choosing your shoes.

Here are a few of the particular functions of Merrell shoes and why people find them quite comfy when outdoors:

1) Even if you need to use shoes all day, you will find utmost convenience with the current Merrell shoes vary.

2) You find terrific quality, sturdiness, and designs in Merrell shoes. For that reason they are sufficient the expectations of newbie travelers in addition to routine walkers. Styling with shoes is not brand-new when you can do so completely with Merrell shoes; particularly females are gaga over their newest varieties.

3) They are readily available for both males and females in different colors, styles, and patterns – whether you trace a narrow slippery roadway or a rock spot. The Merrells will never ever pave the way.

4) Most of the Merrell shoes are created for all weather conditions. So there is no need to use different shoes for rainy seasons. Due to lightweight, they are quite comfy for long explorations.

5) Due to modern technology used in the manufacture of Merrell shoes, they do not sweat within as well as never ever heat up due to excellent ventilation system. Also they are slip resistant from within and for that reason helpful for summer season seasons too. More on our blog roll.

The best aspect of Merrell shoes is that they are offered throughout many online outlets. Specifically if you choose reputed outlets, you will definitely get lots with free shipping till your doorstep.

You need to simply know to choose the ideal sets of shoes with ideal information of size so that they do fit correctly and later on inconveniences of exchanging and re-shipping can be prevented.

You can find in these online stores not just Merrell shoes but also other leading brand names like Barker Shoes, Loake Shoes, and Lelli Kelly Shoes. In other words, for the whole family there are many varieties readily available online.

Simply keep your eyes open and do little research study not to miss out on fantastic chances spread at reputed websites!

Finding the Right Hiker’s Gear Shoes

To keep it basic, trekking is an enthusiastic activity! As the equipment is needed for a longer time period filled with difficulties and issues; from reaching the heights of risk, to bearing the scorching sun, sustaining the extreme mountains, rains and sandy winds which constrain the view to delighting in every minute of it with brand-new discoveries being made every next 2nd!

Preserving our balance at that specific minute is a crucial element undoubtedly. Typically the needed GEAR INCLUDES:

Hikers gears Only


  • shoes and head-gear
  • elastic clothing
  • maps
  • compass
  • matches and lighters
  • your preferred portable products
  • security devices
  • food (containers)
  • and water containers (naturally filled with water)


Some extra products are also complimentary and mark my words as an expert myself: in times of need, even the most not likely gadgets look like valuable diamonds! Those are:


  • additional gowns
  • and electrical devices like electronic cameras, laptop computers, and so on


When it’s about shoes, the significance reaches greater levels; as the hiker relies greatly on the shoes he/she uses because vehicles are the least credible on those Run-on-your-Leg Occasions. The treking boots or treking shoes can be found in different ranges. They can be the high-ankle types which keep the majority of the locations of your legs safe because of their complete lengths.

These variable kinds are also made to match the different classifications of hikers, from newbies to experts; they support the appropriate footings and keep the balance of the ankles eventually safeguarding the hiker’s feet from injuries and/or mishaps due to the unequal surface areas.

The women have options too, as they can get themselves stiff yet comfortable sport-sandals offering demonstrative benefits from rugged bases to reduce down the “rough and hard” environments!


To attain an increased friction with the shoes, most of the specialists like the water hiking shoes which provide an edge from slippery conditions which they may deal with through rain or snowfall, or perhaps mud; hence securing their feet from damage and/or other unfavorable effects.


Picking the most proper water-proofing walking shoe-pair is yet another issue for a newbie; there are different elements which need factor to consider when you are at the edge of a clean slate as a HIKER. The quality of what you endure the OUTSIDE needs to be superior and with no concerns, so that whatever remains healthy on the INSIDE, and when you are at the shop swelling your options with your views, the time extends at its optimum!


How about you make yourself some considerate additional benefit from the brand names that you decide to use the attire of? Some popular ones use rugged surface areas on their soles to reduce extra-inertia on slippery plains, spikes for an extreme grip, comfy within to alleviate down running and strolling, high caps to secure you from injuries or abrupt balance drops! With variation comes the power of option!