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Guiding Kids Through Physical Training: Dos and Don’ts

Engaging in physical activity is very important for kids. It helps them grow properly, have healthy bones and muscles and learn how to take good care of their health.

Not only that, it has a substantial positive effect on the psyche as well. While training, serotonin gets produced in the body. This means that there is no aggression – only one positive kid ready to deal with commitments and obligations.

Phyiscal Training for KidsEven though some parents tend to engage their kids in a sport and think that is enough, there are some things you can do as a parent too. Help your child by directing him/her towards sport that is the most suitable.

If your child enjoys watching tennis, then you should think about finding some good tennis club. On the other hand, if your kid prefers being around friends, then some team sport may be a better option. Team sport or solo play are both very beneficial. It only depends on your child’s preferences.

Help your child to find an activity he loves

Sometimes children don’t know what kind of activity they could engage in. If you think that your child is becoming indecisive, you can help by offering possibilities.

Encourage him to try few things before deciding on a favorite activity. Offer few good options and let your child choose. Be open-minded. Sports that you enjoy may not be the first choice of your kid, and that is perfectly fine.

Don’t force him to do something he doesn’t like

Some parents want their children to train a particular sport because they love it. This is not exactly something that is recommendable because it may cause an opposite effect. You wouldn’t like to do something you don’t want day after day, right?

Well, the same applies to your kid. Respect the interest and wishes your child has and you will create a quality relationship based on trust and cooperation.

Besides, if the child loves some particular sport, he will be motivated to go to training and commit fully to the obligations.

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Do things together

Physical training can be sometimes overwhelming and hard. No wonder so many kids give up pretty fast especially if the exercises become too intense too soon. Kids love to have fun, so spending some time together doing the things your child loves is an excellent introduction to sports.

Don’t put too much pressure

Sometimes parents want their children to succeed so bad, that they start pushing them too hard. Knowing just how much pressure you need to use to drive your kid to do better at sports is mostly based on instinct. Trainers usually prefer waking up the team spirit and then pushing the kids to do their best.

Parents know the way their children react, so the approach differs because not all children are the same. One thing is for sure – physical exercise is vital for kids of all ages. That can go from some basic activities to more complex training depending on the age of the child.

Set a good example

If you are sitting on the couch in front of a TV whole day, your child will do the same. Children learn through experience. When you want your children to engage in physical activity, start training yourself. Your efforts will be noticed for sure.

Once you set your daily training routine, offer your child to join you. Invite him/her to go for a walk or play volleyball together. Riding a bicycle can be a pretty fun activity as well. You can go to a park and run together. Basically, anything that is enjoyable and physically engaging can help your child get more active.

Don’t let him quit after the first obstacle

Some parents don’t want their children to feel any inconvenience and let the child quit when the slightest problem appear. This is certainly something to be avoided because the true rewards and satisfaction come with overcoming obstacles.

Help your kid to overcome difficulties in a fun and engaging way. With some humor, it will pass in no time.

The importance of stretching

Before starting any exercises, it is important to do some stretching first. Make sure your child doesn’t forget it at all times. Forgetting this important step may lead to an injury.

Stretching should last at least 5-10 minutes before the training, but at the end as well. This way, the chance for an injury will be minimal, and the muscle pain will decrease as well. Remind your kid about it all the time.

The importance of supplements

Children need plenty of nutrients to be able to perform well during trainings, but also do well at school. Proper and balanced nutrition is the best way, but somehow children always find a way to avoid fruits and vegetables.

If you have a picky eater, you may need to think about adding a supplement that will cover basic daily vitamin and mineral needs. Omega 3 is always a good choice because it has numerous benefits on the overall health, particularly for the brain development and healthy eyes.

In case you are not sure about the supplement you should give to your child, you can always ask the advice from a pediatrician. You will have a peace of mind, and your child will have the best possible care.

Physical training is very useful, and it should be part of your child’s life. Playing sports improves health, help the children to learn how to cooperate, socialize, overcome difficult situations and successfully integrate into the society.

Children who are physically active are happier and healthier, but sometimes they need guidance through the process. This is where the role of a parent, a teacher and a trainer are crucial. Each role is equally important and helpful.

When everyone does their part of the job well, the result is an individual who is able to deal with stress, manage time and organize the obligations well. There is less chance of developing weight issues and conditions related to it.

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