Kid Fitness Tracker – 7 Ways to Determine Best Brands

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Why should you buy your kid a fitness tracker? There are a thousand and one reasons actually, as this also relates if we should get our children fitness enhancement such as protein fitness pills and powders?

In the modern day world, kids do not get as much activity as they need to stay healthy.

This is because they have got the television, the internet, video games, and so on. These inactive forms of entertainment have really made many kids unfit and unhealthy.

To turn the situation around and to make sure your kid grows and develops as healthy and as fit as possible, there is a need to encourage him or her to do more physical activities.

However, it is a huge challenge to physically track your kid around and be sure that he or she is engaging in enough physical activity to stay healthy.

This is where fitness trackers come in.

Fitness Tracker for Kids

Proper fitness trackers can help you keep track of the number of calories burnt, the number steps taken, heart rate, and so on, without having to follow your kid around.

To understand why you really need to buy a fitness tracker for your kid, check out the reasons below:

  • A fitness tracker establishes a standard for a healthy lifestyle: By simply getting your child a fitness tracker, you will automatically make him think about his diet, his exercise, his healthy, and how much he sleeps. This will keep him healthy.
  • It makes you aware of your child’s level of fitness: If you want to know whether your child is getting enough sleep, exercising enough, or walking enough, a fitness tracker is what you want to get. Being aware of these things will help you know whether you need to take any action to guide your kid in the right direction.
  • Reduces the possibility of your child becoming diabetic or obese: In the United States, about a third of the children are obese, same as in several other western countries. An activity tracker can help your kid to get enough activity and lower the chances of him or her getting diabetic or obese.

From the points above, it is obvious that activity trackers for kids come with many benefits.

However, there is a challenge.

There are dozens of different types of activity trackers available on the market. This makes it difficult for parents to choose the best ones. Nonetheless, you do not need to worry.

Check out the seven ways below to find out how you can get your kid a quality tracker to help him or her accomplish his fitness goals.

  1. Check if the tracker is multi-functional

Low-quality trackers often measure only one or two activities and may not give an accurate picture of your kid’s activity level. You should definitely avoid them.

Quality trackers are usually multi-functional; they can track the number of calories burned, the number of steps walked, the heart rate, and so on.

Most kids engage in different kinds of activities throughout the day. Having a tracker that can measure all these activities is the right way of having a more accurate picture of whether or not your kid is doing enough to stay fit and healthy.

Moreover, quality trackers often have other key functions like GPS tracking, call function, and so on.

Such functions are important for the safety of your child. When buying make sure you look out for such functions to determine the best quality trackers.

  1. Ascertain whether the tracker has a child-friendly design

For children’s trackers, the design is key. However, most activity trackers are not made with kids in mind.

Therefore, they often do not have the specific design features to make them perfect for kids.

The best quality trackers for children have child-friendly designs. For instance, they are usually of the right size for kids. Remember, a loosely hanging activity tracker will not work efficiently.

Another design element to look at is the waterproof rating. A quality tracker is that with a high waterproof rating.

Most kids will mindlessly play in the rain, wash their hands, or even jump into the pool with their trackers on. Having a tracker that is waterproof will protect your kid’s activity tracker in such situations.

Moreover, the color is also important. Although the color does not indicate the quality, getting your child a tracker in a color they like will make it more likely for them to wear it all day, even when you are not around. The good news is that the best brands have activity trackers in multiple colors.

  1. Find out if the tracker provides any extra value

The best brands provide plenty of extra value. Thus, to determine if a brand is the best find out if it provides extra value.

We have already talked about the GPS-tracking and the call function.

A fitness tracker with GPS-tracking provides extra value in the form of security. Security in the knowledge that you can track your kid to wherever he or she is at any given time.

The call function is also obviously important as your kid can use it to call you or the 911 when in an emergency.

Other trackers provide extra value in the form of rewards, games, or educational tips.

So look out for trackers with these kinds of functions to determine quality.

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  1. Find out if the tracker comes with an app

Good quality trackers from the best brands come with apps. The apps help in setting goals and monitoring progress.

Trackers without apps or with bare-minimum apps make it difficult to track set goals or track progress.

  1. Check the price

The best devices often cost a pretty penny, while the bad ones are usually significantly cheaper. This is one of the easiest ways to determine if a brand is one of the best or not. So make sure to use it.

  1. Find who the manufacturer is

American and European manufacturers almost always make good quality trackers. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of manufacturers who are based in other countries who do not have to adhere to Western standards.

  1. Make certain that the activity tracker is trackable

Most kids usually lose stuff almost all the times.

Therefore, ensure that the tracker you are buying your kid is trackable to be able to easily find it in the morning when your kid is leaving for school.

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